Hier ist ein Ausschnitt vom Songtext... wer dieses Lied erraten (Name des Liedes und Sänger/in) hat, bekommt einen kleinen Award ;] Meldet euch per Kommi und hinterlasst uns eure Page. Viel Glück & Spaß ♥
Schwer oder Leicht? Mittel-Schwer!

We're just friends
im not tryin' to steal your man
who was once appointed to me
'cos' of your insecurity
stop trippin'
im not tryin' to steal your man
you look too good together
you know i would never

We've been friends for a long time
growing on 6 years
and everytime i had some dramas
he was there with laughter or tears
but now he's got u girl(ooohh..)
and im not tryin' to be disrespectful
we're just friends
it ain't nothin' in ma heart

Und? ;]

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